Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rome in Pictures

Skirt and Sweater H&M, Tank-top FOREVER 21

My last post about Rome - promise :) I hope you will not be boring about so many pics (or at least more than usual) but I think pictures are much more better than words. 

Posledni prispevek tykajici se Rima - slibuji :) Doufam, ze Vas nezavalim prilis mnoha fotkami (nebo alespon vice, nez normalne pridavam), ale myslim, ze ty toho reknou daleko vice nez slova.

Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II.


Vespa´s are everywhere (and when I saw crazy Italien drivers and traffics I am not surprised more - best public vehicle for sure !)

Third floor ZARA - am I in heaven ?

Fontana di Trevi (sorry about the head of some women but it was almost impossible make a pics without anyone) And like a bonus I need to say that when we was there, directly in front of my face one guy ask girl about marry him. It was so adorable. And she said yes (just to be clear). I think I will never forget it...

 Disney World Store - amazing decoration isn´t it ?

Me and Colosseum 

Me and Rome 

Piazza del Popolo

Vatican Museum - Rafael´s Room